Questions for your Obstetrician

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Are you birthing under private health care? Are you wondering if your Obstetrician is going to support you with your ideal birth? Below are some initial questions to ask your Obstetrician to gauge how committed they are to truly supporting your ideal birth.

1/ Are you available around my “guess date”?  If not, who is your back up and when will I meet them?

  • One of the most important factors around choosing private care is to get that continuity of care, so knowing who will be looking after you in the absence of your preferred OB is a must!

2/ What is your belief around birth?

  • Ideally, you want them to say something along the lines of it being a natural event that occasionally requires medical intervention, NOT the other way around. That could be a red flag!

3/ How do you feel about Birth preferences?

  • If you are laughed at then there is your answer. You want them to answer with yes absolutely, or yes, we already do X Y Z… Knowing you are supported can make such a huge difference in how your birth experience goes. Care providers should be supportive of all your references.

4/ What are your Induction rates?

  • If you get to 40 weeks are you going to be coerced into having an Induction even if you and Baby are fine?

5/ What are your caesarean rates?

  • I’ve heard many people make comments about their OB’s like hmm he was a good surgeon.. finding out if they are scalpel happy could be doing yourself a favour down the track. Also finding out what was their main reason’s for caesarean’s to

6/ Do you support upright/ mobile labour/ birth?

  • We all know how important it is to stay upright and or as mobile as possible to help the baby move down the birth canal. If your OB doesn’t support this, another red flag. If they want you bed-bound on your back so it makes it easier for them to see what’s going on, then maybe it’s time to reconsider.

7/ What is your policy on delayed or optimal cord clamping?

  • We know how valuable it is for baby to get their cord blood, studies have shown this. A lot of hospitals are now doing this, as usual, practice but it still pays to ask as “ delayed” can mean something different to each OB, delayed is just delayed, if you want to wait for white, then you should specify optimal cord clamping.

8/ What is your policy on immediate skin to skin?

  • Again, we now know just how important that immediate skin to skin is, not only for baby but for mum to as the hormones work together and make some magic that can not only help any bleeding but also get that oxytocin going and kickstart her milk production into gear. Things like weighing, measuring etc can wait, there is no need to do those immediately after birth.

9/ Do you work with Doulas?

  • This could go one of two ways, again, depending on their answer, could determine if they are suitable for you.