Birth Support

Engaging the support of a Doula could be the difference of a great birthing experience or a not so great one. Research has shown that birthing women who have Doulas are less likely to have interventions, they’re more relaxed and also have lower caesarean rates!

Whilst Doula’s are not medically trained, I am simply there to support you and your birth partner. I will offer you evidence-based information to make your own informed decisions. I am not there to replace the Midwives by any means. I will not conduct any medical procedures or give medical advice. I am purely be there for you and your birth partner to make sure you are educated in all your options. I can also be a great means for debriefing your birth.

I will be there with you as soon as you need me, usually in active birth but it totally depends on you. I will help you with positioning for a better birth, help you stay focused, make sure you and your birth partner are supported and encouraged. Ultimately make sure you feel private, safe and unobserved.

Birth Doula

  • Initial no obligation meet – up to 1 hour, to see if we fit, ask questions etc
  • 2x pre-natal meetings, including preparation and planning your birth preferences – up to 2 hours each
  • On call from 38 weeks, until you have your baby
  • My Doula toolkit; including breathing techniques, acupressure and light touch massage, positions for labour and birth, rebozo techniques
  • Immediate postpartum support after birth – 1-2 hours if needed
  • Unlimited phone and email support through to 8 weeks postpartum
  • Access to my pregnancy and birth resource library
  • Set of birth affirmation cards
  • Beautiful bag of goodies for you to use throughout labour and into your postpartum journey

Investment of $1250

Ultimately it’s up to you, I am there for you and will support you in
anyway needed. Payment plans are available upon request

Additonal Services

Personalise your own birth package with any of these services

  • Hypnobirthing Australia – Positive Birth Programme including folio and all resources – Clients booking my Doula service will receive a discount for this
  • Additional postpartum support – 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks of personalised care and support
  • Massage for relaxation during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Pregnancy, Birth, Fresh48 and Motherhood Photography